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Evaluation report 2015

In its evaluation report Hooge Maey reflects on the operational and financial aspects of its management from the moment the joint authority was founded. (pdf, 4.4Mb) 

Sustainability as a guiding principle

The Intercommunale Vereniging Hooge Maey (Intermunicipal Company Hooge Maey ) is a joint authority created to treat non-hazardous residual waste in an environmentally and economically sound manner at the landfill site of Hooge Maey, located in the province of Antwerp. This public-private partnership was established in 1998 for a specified period of time, lasting until 9 November 2019. Sustainability, in all its facets, is the guiding principle in all operations of the intermunicipal company. It regards corporate social responsibility as a continuous learning process where sustainability is consciously integrated into daily operations and where standards are being constantly raised. Hooge Maey is constantly closing loops. Two major examples of this are the landfill gas valorisation and the algae plantation.